Host a Workshop

We love to teach our own workshops, however there is not enough time in the day for us to teach them all ourselves and we are not skilled in everything. That being said, we need you!

Workshops are a great way to get your name out there, and also a great way to supplement your handmade business.

Share your craft & knowledge!

You've learned and perfected your craft, why not share it? Sharing your craft lets customers know just how its done with out all of the ins and outs of your business! Involving the community and sharing what you know in a space that isn't your craft room!

We have two options for using our space to host your workshop, Rent the Creative Studio or Percent of Ticket Sales.

Rent the Creative Studio

The Creative Studio can be rented for up to 2 hours. Workshops can be for all ages or 21+ whichever you wish, 21+ workshops allow beer and wine, while all age workshops do not.

Rental pricing is shown in the chart below. The Creative Studio is closed on Monday and Tuesday, workshops can be hosted Wednesday through Sunday. Monday and Tuesday may be available for a workshop upon request. As shown, the rental fees vary by day and time of day.

You need to provide the supplies and assist in marketing your workshop to your customers/followers, we take care of the rest! We will host the listing on our website, provide you with a link to share for customers to sign up. We will create the event on our Facebook page and can run a Facebook ad* to promote the workshop for an additional fee.

At the end of the workshop, we will provide you a check in the amount of the tickets sold minus the rental fee, and the ad fee (if applicable). We also retain 5% of ticket sales to cover our credit card and administration fees.

Example: Friday Night Workshop: 12 Seats have sold at $45 each. Rental fee: $110. 5% fee: $27. Ad fee: $20. Net sales amount: $383.

Percent of Ticket Sales

For workshops or instructors that may not have a large enough customer base or have a low ticket price, this option may be better suited for them! All information listed above applies to this option, except for the rental rates.

The percent retained by The Creative Studio is 30%. The percent covers the "studio fee", administrative fees, and the credit processing fee all rolled into one.

The Facebook ad* fee applies to this option as well.

*The fee to run an ad on Facebook for your workshop is a $5 flat fee for administration + your budget. You set your own budget for the ad, however recommend at least $15 for decent exposure.

Request to Host a Workshop!